July 2023 Aiken Market Insights

The Aiken real estate market’s pulse can be felt through the numbers of July 2023. In this blog post, we’ll unpack the data to understand trends, implications, and what this means for buyers and sellers moving forward.

July 2023 Snapshot

Last month, 272 homes changed hands in Aiken at a median price of $275,000. This snapshot sets the stage for deeper analysis.

Year-to-Date Comparison

Compared to last year, 2023 has seen a 19.1% decrease in sales volume, with 1,795 homes sold versus 2,219. However, the median price is up 1.7% to $274,500 from $269,900 in 2022, suggesting stability and potential growth.

Inventory Insights

Inventory, a market influencer, shows a 10.9% rise from last year. With 733 homes listed as “active” for sale, Aiken offers around 2.9 months of inventory, favoring sellers due to limited supply.

What the Data Suggests

Sales decline and increased inventory raise questions, but the higher median price signals stability. Sellers adjust tactics in a competitive market. Buyers must act fast due to limited supply.

July 2023 provides key insights into Aiken’s real estate landscape. Amidst sales shifts and inventory changes, stability shines through median price growth. Navigating this market demands vigilance, making real-time data a compass for success.

Disclaimer: The data in this post reflects Aiken MLS figures from July 1-31, 2023. Always consult real estate professionals for the latest information before making decisions.