Thriving Real Estate Market: A Snapshot of December 2023

As we step into the final month of 2023, the real estate landscape continues to display resilience and vigor. With a total of 1804 active listings, 847 properties under contract, and 547 homes successfully sold in November, our local real estate market remains dynamic and bustling with activity. Let’s delve into the key statistics that define the current state of affairs in the housing market.


Market Overview

Active Listings: 1804

The market is teeming with opportunities as we observe a robust inventory of 1804 active listings. This variety ensures that prospective buyers have a diverse range of options to choose from, catering to different preferences and requirements.

Under Contract: 847

With 847 properties currently under contract, it’s evident that the demand for real estate in our area is thriving. Buyers are actively pursuing their dream homes, and sellers are finding willing and qualified purchasers.

Sold Listings in November: 547

November saw an impressive 547 homes change hands, reflecting the sustained momentum in the market. This figure is not just a testament to the vibrancy of the local real estate scene but also indicative of the trust and confidence that both buyers and sellers place in our community.


Pricing Trends

Average List Price: $291,200

The average list price of $291,200 signifies the reasonable and competitive pricing in our market. This figure reflects the balance between sellers aiming for fair returns and buyers seeking value for their investment.

Average Sale Price: $286,600

The average sale price, closely trailing the list price at $286,600, showcases a market that is not only active but also one where sellers are realizing the value of their properties. This healthy correlation between list and sale prices is a positive indicator of a stable and transparent real estate environment.


Time on the Market

Average Days on the Market: 108

The average days on the market, standing at 108, suggests a market that is moving efficiently. Homes are finding buyers within a reasonable timeframe, indicating a healthy balance between supply and demand.



As of December 5, 2023, our local real estate market is a testament to resilience, activity, and balance. Whether you’re a buyer exploring the multitude of active listings, a seller excitedly watching your property go under contract, or a recent homeowner enjoying the successful sale of your property, these statistics reflect a thriving community.

If you are considering entering the real estate market, now might be the ideal time. With a diverse range of properties, competitive pricing, and a market that is moving efficiently, opportunities abound. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to monitor and celebrate the dynamic real estate scene in our community.

For personalized assistance and expert guidance in navigating the current market, feel free to reach out to our experienced real estate professionals. Wishing you a prosperous and fulfilling real estate journey!